Intersec Europe Web Design prefers to use the web hosting services of pair Networks or Rokscom Internet to offer the flexibility and reliability that you are looking for. Whether you have a large business or you are just getting started, either pair Networks or Rokscom has a service that's right for your needs now, and room for you to grow in the future. Our staff can help get your site up and running with pair or Rokscom right away. We will take care of registering your domain for you, setting up your email addresses, initializing any databases you may have, and otherwise configuring your account to your needs.


We offer the following hosting plans through either the pair or Rokscom Networks. Which network is best for you depends on where your primary audience is located. Customers who wish to focus mainly on EU or Asian markets will likely want to choose rokscom, located in the Netherlands, while customers seeking to focus on the US market may be better served by pair Networks. Once you purchase a package, a representative will contact you to discuss your business needs and which hosting and bandwidth provider is best for you:

  Shared Hosting
 400MB/day traffic, 400MB disk, 25 mailboxes
 includes custom CGI, SSI, Telnet and SSH

30 EUR/mon
35 EUR/setup
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 200MB/day traffic, 200MB disk, 10 mailboxes
 includes system CGI, SSI, Telnet and SSH

20 EUR/mon
30 EUR/setup
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 100MB/day traffic, 100MB disk, 5 mailboxes
 includes Telnet and SSH

10 EUR/mon
25 EUR/setup
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 100MB/day traffic, 100MB disk, 1 mailboxes
 update files by FTP only

5 EUR/mon
20 EUR/setup
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  E-Commerce Hosting
 500MB/day traffic, 500MB disk, 50 mailboxes
 includes Secure Server, custom CGI, SSI

50 EUR/mon
50 EUR/setup
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 500MB/day traffic, 500MB disk, 50 mailboxes
 includes Secure Server and MIVA Merchant

50 EUR/mon
75 EUR/setup
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  High-Volume Hosting
 1024MB/day traffic, 1000MB disk, 100 mailboxes
 includes Custom CGI, SSI

130 EUR/mon
50 EUR/setup
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If you have any additional questions about the different packages or would like to discuss which one would best satisfy your needs, please feel free to contact us.


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